Carteret County
North Carolina
Established 1722
Carteret County Recruits - 1778
State of North Carolina                                                       Halifax Sept 5th 1778
Carteret County
We the....volunteers from the County of Carteret do hereby bind and oblige ourselves to serve as Continental Soldiers for the term of Nine Months after the first day of March next, and do each of us bind and oblige ourselves to meet our officers at whatever place in the said State may be appointed for our rendevous on the aforesaid first day of March next.  And in case we or either of us do fail to appear at said place of rendevous on the said first day of March next, sickness or some other accident as may be deemed sufficient by a board of officers excepted we each of us so failing to oblige ourselves to serve as Continetal Soldiers for the term three years or during the war and as such to obey the lawfull commands of the officers that may be placed over us and in all things to _____ ourselves as good and faithful soldiers.
Mans Name
of abode
John Hewell Beaufort Virginia 5'9" 18 Dark Dark
Caleb White Whittock do 5'11 1/2" 20 Light Blue
Isaac Barrington Straight Carolina 5'10" 23 Light do
Lawfull Daniel Whittock Virginia 5'5" 50 Brown Dark
Chris Neale Ocracock Cape H. 5'6" 18 Brown Dark
George Wair Beaufort Scotland 5'10" 26 Dark Grey
William Smith Straight Core Sound 6'0" 35 Sandy Blue
Benjamin Merryhew Beaufort Beaufort 5'5" 28 Light do
Francis Neale Ocracock Hatteras 5'6" 16 do Grey
Thomas Neale do do 5'8" 20 do do
Joell Mezzick Bogue Sound New__ 5'7" 21 Dark Grey
Ephraim Runnells Whittock Delaware 5'5" 17 Brown Blue
Theoph. Norrard(??) Straight Straight 5'8" 27 yellow Mulatto
Daniel Ireland do Eggharbr. 5'5" 19 Light Blue
George Laumann Salisbury Lancaster, PA 5'8" 27 Dk Brown Blue
George Go___r Salisbury Lancaster, PA 5'10" 25 Dk Brown Black
John Rives Gulf Gulf 5'8" 21 Lt.Brown Grey

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