A List of Military Officers recommended for Commissions, December 1770

Lieut. Col.

James Pickett, Captain
William Pickett, Lieut.
Robert Jarman, Ens.

At the Court House
Samuel Sneed, Captain
Henley Sneed, Lieut.
John Wall, Ens.

Hitchcock's Creek
Matthew Rayford, Captain
Benjamin Dumas, Lieut.
Zachariah Smith, Ens.

Mouth of Little River
John Culpepper, Captain
John Brooks, Lieut.
William Brooks, Ens.

Rocky River
John Jackson, Captain
William Leveret, Lieut.
William Johnston, Ens.

Brown Creek
Samuel Parsons, Captain
James Cotton, Lieut.
William Spencer, Ens.

Head of Little River
William Moody, Captain
William Coleman, Lieut.
Charles Hinds, Ens

Mountain Creek
John Wright, Captain
John Parsons, Lieut.
Nicholas White, Ens.

Jones's Creek
Rice Henderson, Captain
Stephen Herring, Lieut.
John Moore, Ens.

Drowning Creek

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