A List of Subaltern Officers for this Regiment of Granville
Captain John Pope Thomas Bradford, Lieutenant
Philemon Bradford Junr., Ensign
Captain David Mitchel Thomas Crutcher, Lieutenant
Benjamin Ragland, Ensign
Captain Jonathan Kitrell Samuel Kettrel, Lieutenant
Claiborne Harris, Ensign
Captain Cutbird Hudson Christopher Harris, Lieutenant
George Jordan, Ensign
Captain Ephraim Hampton John Williams, Lieutenant
Joseph Langston, Ensign
Captain William Burford John Hampton, Lieutenant
John Conner Peak, Ensign
Captain Leonard Henly Bullock William Williams, Lieutenant
Harris Gilliam, Ensign
Captain Thornton Young James Young Jun., Lieutenant
Jesse Sanders, Ensign
Captain John Dickinson Samuel Walker, Lieutenant
John White, Ensign
Captain John Walker Robert Lanier, Lieutenant
Joseph Davenport, Ensign
Captain Jonathan Knight Samuel Smith, Lieutenant
Edward Bond, Ensign
<The following is written in pencil at the bottom of the page....JSR>
[This appears to be 1763, but later than Nov 8, 1763.  See Colonial Records]

Abstracted from the Original at the North Carolina Archives by Joel S. Russell