Alfred Rafert97. Alfred Carl Rafert was born on Feb 15 1906 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He died on Sep 25 1977 in Orlando, FL. The following was written by Alma Rafert Welp (Memories - 1983):
"Alfred was a very quiet gifted boy. Always reading books, played baseball and took great interest in sports. After high school he worked at an insurance company. He obtained his college education by attending night classes. He became an accountant and had a good position till his retirement. (He was) ...a big help to our mother financially."

He was married to Irma Lennon on Aug 30 1940. Irma Lennon was born on Jun 5 1903 in Winchester, IN. She died on Dec 20 1995 in Merritt Island, Brevard County, FL. Alfred Carl Rafert and Irma Lennon had the following children:

child+153 i. Carol Elizabeth Rafert.
child+154 ii. John Alan Rafert.

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