9. Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Röwer commonly called Charles, was born on Dec 7 1828 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe. He died on Feb 12 1875 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He emigrated with his parents and siblings, arriving on the Espindola on September 17th, 1852. He first worked as a laborer, but soon took a job with the Indianapolis, Peru, and Chicago Rail Road as a Checkman.

He was married to Engel Sophie Möller (daughter of Hans Heinrich Möller and Sophie Phillippine Eleanore Heine) on May 8 1856 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN.Engel Sophie Möller was born on Jan 12 1833 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe. She died on Sep 1 1895 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. Charles was only 46 when he died, family story says he was holding his youngest son Albert when he suddenly passed the the child to his wife and then he died. Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Röwer and Engel Sophie Möller had the following children:

child+29 i. Philipina E. Rafert.
child30 ii. Carl Wilhelm Rafert was born on Oct 30 1858 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He died on Feb 14 1882 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He was also known as Charles Rafert.
child31 iii. Wilhelm Heinrich Rafert was born on Apr 20 1862 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He died on May 16 1939 in San Diego, CA. He was also known as William Rafert. William Rafert joined the army on May 1st, 1886 in St. Louis, MO. At the time he listed his occupation as Yard Clerk. He stood 5' 10" tall , with blue eyes and brown hair. He never married, concentrating instead on his duties as a soldier. He spent five years in the Hospital Corps and then was discharged from the Army. Records are incomplete, but it appears he went back to Indianapolis to find work. Six months after his discharge he enlisted once more in the Army, this time in the Artillery serving on Angel Island, CA. In 1899 halfway through his third 5 year enlistment he was transferred from the 3rd Artillery to the Casual Detachment, 27th Coast Artillery Corps. I'm currently awaiting additional records from the National Archives to determine if this is the time when he recieved the wound Alma Rafert Welp mentions in her "Jottings". William spent the next 15 years with the Coast Artillery Corps, serving primarily at Fort Rosecrans, CA. He retired on Christmas day 1914 after serving 28 years in the Army. He spent the remainder of his life in San Diego, CA.

Alma Rafert Welp wrote.... "At times Uncle Billy Rafert came home to visit a few days from San Diego. A hansome man who carried a cane, he had an injury, from war. He would take Edna and me to the show downtown and treated us like queens. Such a gentleman! ....He left some money to my aunt Em and a bit to Mom. And he always sent a check for $100 to her and she'd pay Uncle Charlie for coal, Charlie was Mom's brother."

Per his own wishes, William was cremated and his ashes were spread over the Pacific Ocean.

Em Rafertchild32 iv. Emma S. Rafert was born on Oct 23 1864 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. She died on Dec 2 1938 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. The following was written by Alma Rafert Welp:
Em had always lived with us, she never married and we loved her. I remember grey hair as long as I'd knew her. She had the room upstairs in our house, she would wash up there and kept everything very neat. The trunk and dresser she had in her room are still in the family. She worked in a laundry as a collar ironer. She liked to go downtown and she'd often take me along. We would look in the store windows if they were closed. When they were open we would walk through and go and get an ice cream soda. She often took us for walks to the park and to the shows as cinemas were first starting. We had a big walk to go, no one had a car in those days. She would also take us to Aunt Benas who lived near Garfield Park. This was far to the north in Indianapolis, sometimes if she was tired we would take the trolley. Some nights she also would visit her brother Al who lived north on Pennsylvania Avenue. Every week we children each got a dime from her. Dimes meant a lot as an ice cream cone was 5 cents then. Walt said that Mrs. Mirbach filled it with a spoon and if he'd talk to her she'd keep on filling it. Every doll I ever had, she gave to me, as Mom had no money. Em also gave me material for a Christmas dress which Mom made for me. It was the only new dress I had, we wore other peoples dresses after Dad died. Em went to church regularly and was interested in the affairs of the country. After supper she wouldsit and read the paper. I think she was born in the Rafert house on Merril street and she lived there all of her life. She died in her room after quite a long illness, she never went to the hospital. She was a fine person.

child+33 v. Edward Heinrich Rafert.
child34 vi. child Rafert was born about 1871.
child+35 vii. (Carl) Albert Rafert.

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