Descendants of
Thomas Russell of ye Fresh Ponds
& Mary Walstone
(A Theory)

1.  Thomas Russell (d. c1684) first appears in the Will of Matthew Brinson, dated 12 Jun 1681.  In this will Thomas is referred to as Thomas Russell of Fresh Ponds in Linhaven Parish. In the late 1600s two Thomas Russells appear in Norfolk County, VA.  To avoid confusion I will refer to Thomas Russell (d. c1684) as Thomas Russell of Fresh Ponds.  (The other Thomas Russell is often referred to as Capt. Thomas Russell which is how I will refer to him.  Capt. Thomas Russell was from Kenton, Devonshire, England and had at least two children…Otho and Daniel.)  Thomas Russell of Fresh Ponds' wife was Mary Walstone the sister of William Walstone.  Some Brinson Family researchers believe that Matthew Brinson's wife, Elizabeth, was the sister of Mary Walstone.  After Thomas's death Mary married William Hillyard, this was sometime before 1692 when they both appear in Princess Anne County records.  [Note:  Princess Anne County was formed from Lower Norfolk County in 1691.]  William Hillyard died in 1694 and left his remaining land to his wife Mary.  He stipulated that if she remarried the estate was to be devided into three parts with one part given to his wife, one part to his son-in-law William Russell, and one part to his daughter-in-law Anne Russell.  After William Hillyard's death Mary married Thomas Grandy and the land was therefore divided three ways.  In 1703 the plantation was sold by William Russell and William Bell, husband of Anne Russell.  It appears all of the land was sold so it appears Mary Walstone Russell Hillyard Grandy had died by 1703.

Known children of Thomas Russell of Fresh Ponds and Mary Walstone:
   2. Thomas Russell Jr. died in Currituck County, NC in 1713.  His widow, name unknown, later married John Whitby/Widbee
   3. Mary Russell
+ 4. William Russell,  (m1) Margrett Bell, (m2) Sarah _____ .   He died in Currituck County, NC in 1717.
   5. Anne Russell, married William Bell abt 1700; William died in Currituck County, NC in 1721

4.  William Russell (d. 1717) first appears in the Will of his step-father William Hillyard in 1694.  William is identified as a planter living in Princess Anne County, VA.  In 1703 William, along with William Bell (the husband of his sister Ann) sold 250 acres of land inherited from William Hillyard.  Both William Russell and William Bell are identified as being residents of North Carolina.  William appears in various records in Currituck County, NC from 1708 to 1716. The 1706 Will of John Bell identifies a daughter Margrett Russell. A 1711 Deed in Currituck identifies William Russell and his wife Margrett. My guess is that William Russell's first wife was Margrett Bell. I also feel that she is the mother of most, if not all, of William's children. When William dies in 1717 his widow is listed as Sarah who was appointed administrix to his estate.

The following are thought to be children of William Russell:
+ 6. William Russell, born c1700 and died  in Carteret County, NC in 1744, he married Lydia.
+ 7. Mary Russell, she married Moses Prescott who died in Carteret County, NC in 1751
+ 8. Habakkuk Russell born c1710 and died in Carteret County, NC in 1754, he married Ann

6.  William Russell (d. 1744) is believed to be the same William Russell who appears in a 1726 deed in Princess Anne County, VA in which he is identified as the son of William Russell who was the son-in-law of William Hillyard.  William Russell appears on tax lists in Currituck County in 1721 and a land patent dated 1725 shows he obtained land in Bath (later Carteret County) on Ware Creek.  When this land was sold by him in 1733 the deed was witnessed by Habakkuk Russell.  William Russell appears in various deeds and court records from 1725 until his death in 1744.  His wife Lydia remarried after his death to Thomas Austin Sr.  

    9.  Joseph Russell, born abt 1730 and died in Feb 1762 in Carteret County, NC 
+ 10.  Benjamin Russell born abt 1735 and died in1766 in Carteret County, NC, m. Sarah ______
   11.  Martha Russell born abt 1738, married Henry Hatchell
   12.  Habakkuk Russell Jr born abt 1740 and died 1788 in Carteret County, NC

7.  Mary Russell....It is thought that Mary, the wife of Moses Prescott (d. 1751) was Mary Russell the sister of Habakkuk Russell.  Moses Prescott is found in Currituck County in 1716 and it is thought he was the second tithable on the 1715 tax list under Aaron Prescott's name.  Moses was therefore born about 1699.  From discussions with Prescott researchers it appears Moses and Mary moved first to Beaufort County, NC and then  to Carteret County in the 1740s.

Known children of Moses Prescott and Mary Russell:
   13.  William Prescott, married Amy Brinson daughter of Cason Brinson
   14.  Willis Prescott, married Martha Austin daughter of Thomas Austin Sr.
   15.  Moses Prescott
   16.  Thomas Prescott, married Mary Williams daughter of Weston Williams
   17.  Russell Prescott
   18.  Mary Prescott, married Benjamin Prescott
   19.  Sarah Prescott, married John Purdue

8.  Habakkuk Russell (d. 1754) first appears in a land deed dated 1732 in which he purchased land in Carteret County, NC from Joseph Wicker.  Habakkuk appears to have lived his entire adult life in western Carteret County and is found in various court records and land deeds.  His known children are listed in his will as is his wife Ann.

Known children of Habakkuk Russell and his wife Ann:
   20. Anna Sophia Russell who married Jonathan Hibbs
   21. Rebecca Russell
   22. Sarah Russell who married Nathaniel Wilder
   23. David Russell who died 1813 in Carteret County, NC;  married  (1)  Anna Read, married (2) Tabitha Hill
   24. Abigail Russell
   25. Abraham Russell

10.  Benjamin Russell (d. 1766) appears in Carteret County Court in the 1760s.  He requested and was named administrator on the estate of Joseph Russell in 1762.  Although I cannot document the children of William Russell and Lydia it is likely that Benjamin Russell was their son.  Benjamin's son Habakkuk (c1760-1820) owned land that was still held by William Russell when he died.   Benjamin's widow Sarah was named administrix on Benjamin's estate in 1766.  In 1800 Sarah died and her estate was administered by Habakkuk Russell (d. 1820).

Following are thought to be children of Benjamin Russell and Sarah _____

   26. Habakkuk Russell, born c1760 and died c1820, m. Nancy Dudley
   27. William Russell, this may be the same William Russell who moved to Posey County, IN in the early 1800s..


Documentation & Chronology
for the Russell Family
Lower Norfolk & Princess Anne Counties, VA,
and Currituck & Carteret Counties, NC

Norfolk County, VA (Abstract of Norfolk County Wills " p. 78 & 79.)
Will of Matthew Brinson
Dated 12 Jun 1681, Proven 15 Jun 1681
Will of Mathew Brinson of ye parish of Linhaven in ye County of Lower Norfolk, VA
"bequeath unto Thomas Russell Jr. ye Sone of Thomas Russell of ye fresh ponds in ye parish of Linhaven in ye County aforesaid, after myne and my wifes decease I do will and bequeath unto him my plantation whereon I now live being a divedent of one hundred acres…adjoining to land of John Axtel…..  in case ye sd Thomas Russell should dye before me…..and Eliz my wife…then…unto his sister Mary Russell ye daughter of Thomas Russell Sr."
Codecil dated 14 Jun 1681:  "unto my beloved brother Jno. Brinson….one hundred acres of land…
[Brinson Family researchers believe tht Matthew Brinson's wife Elizabeth was a sister to Thomas Russell Sr.'s wife Mary.  JSR]
Inventory of Thomas Russell's Estate
An Inventory of Thomas Russells Estate Appraised the last of this instant May(?) 1684
Several items listed, signed by William Cornick and Richard Gooding (?)
Princess Anne County
Wm. Hillyard deed of gift to Franklin, dated July 1692
Be it known unto all men by these presents that I William Hillyard of the County of Princess Anne mariner have with the free & voluntary consent of Mary Hillyard my wife for divers ____ causes & considerations me herunto me hereunto ____ but more especially the partenall love I bears to my well beloved son & daughter Thomas Franklin & Sarah Franklin his wife have given granted & by this present Deed of Gift do give grant confirm & assign unto Thomas Franklin & Sarah Franklin his wife  & to the heirs begotten on her body forever, fifty acres of woodland ground situate lying & being in Princess Anne County being part of a parcell of land by pattent granted to Edward Cannon Thomas Allen bearing date the 11th of March 1652, containing five hundred & twenty acres of land, two hundered & fifty acres of which said patttnet are by Peter Crashby & Sarah his wife heires to the aforesaid Thoma Allen, des. Sold & assigned to the afroesaid William Hillyard his heirs & assignes forever as by a deed of sale thereof dated the 18th day of November 1691…………
Signed by William Hillyard and Mary Hillyard
Witnessed by Mary Russell, William Moore and William Heslett

[The above indicates that Sarah, wife of Thomas Franklin, was the daughter of William Hillyard...JSR]

Princess Anne Orders and Minutes
Russell vs Hillyard
At an Orphans Court held for Princess Anne County 4th May 1693
Upon the petition of Mary Russell it is ordered that __ William Hillyard pay and deliver to her what is due belonging to her from the Estate of her father Thomas Russell decd.
Princess Anne County, VA
Will of William Hillyard (DB1, p. 84)
Barbados.  In the name of God amen.  I Wm. Hillyard of Princess Anne County in Virginia, Marriner lying very sick & weak but of a perfect sound mind & memory praise be to the Lord for it but considering the frailty of all mankind doe make ordain this present instrument or writing to be my last will & testament in manner & forme following:  Imprimis I doe give up my soul unto the mercifull hands o almighty God my saviour & redeemer, hoping that the merits of his blessed son most holly Jesus he will pardon & forgive all my sins.  My body I doe recommend to my mother from whence it come to be buried at the descretion of my exes. Hereafter named.  Item I doe give & bequeath unto my  dearly beloved wife Mary Hillyard during the time of her widowhood after my decease all my plantation situate lying on the eastern shore on the aforesaid County of Princess Anne in Virga. Aforesd. containing by estimation two hundred acres of land together will all houses, edifices, & buildings thereon erected & built also my stock of hogs, sheep, & meat cattle & horses thereon remaining & being at the time of my decease & also one negro man or slave by name Jack after my decease but if it should soe happen that my said wife should intermarry with any other person in the time of her widowhood then it is my will & desire that my sd. Plantation together with all my personal estate be duely run out & appraised & equally to be devided in three equal parts (viz) the one third part to be & remaine to my sd. Wife during her naturall life & noe longer and after her decease to be & remaine to my son & daughter in law William Russell of the sd. County of Princess Anne planter & Anne Russell of the sd. County spinster & to their heires forever to be equally divided between them.  Item and as to the other of the two third parts of my estate as shall be then remaining I doe hereby give & bequeath the one third part unto my son-in-law William Russell to be & remain unto him & his heirs forever and the other third parte of my estate I do hereby give & bequeath unto my sd daughter-in-law Anne Russell to be & remain to her & her heires forever.  But if it shall happen that my sd son-in-law William Russell or my sd. Daughter Russell or either of them should happen to die without issue then I doe give my sd. Estate as aforesaid unto the survivor or survivors of them lawfully begotten or to be begotten of either of their bodyes to be & remain to them & to their heires forever.  Item & lastly I doe nominate & appoint my true trusted & well beloved friends Capt. Abraham Oyfield of the Island of Barbados marriner & also Mr. Thomas Beard of the same Island Cooper to be my exec.  in trust & to take care of my concerns both by consignment & also on my proper acct. which I have & shall ___ behind one at the time of my ____ in the aforesaid Island & also I doe hereby nominate & appoint my trusted friends Mr. Henry Woodhouse & Mr. Lemuell Phillips both of the county of Princess Anne in Virga. Aforesd. in the absence of my aforesad exec. to be my exec. in trust there to see this my said will duely executred & performed in manner & forme aforesd. In testimony hereof I doe hereunto set my hand & seale this twenty eighth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred & ninety four.
Princess Anne County, VA (DB1, p. 75)
Mary Hillyard Deed of Gift to her son Thomas Russell
These presents may satisfy all whom it may now or hereafter concern, that I Mary Hillyard of the County of Princess Anne have given, granted & confirmed unto my son Thomas Russell one heifer of two yeares old being black now is of my proper mark came of a cow called Blackbird and alsoe one ewe of his proper marks both male & female increase I doe by these presents confirm unto him my aforesaid son & to his heirs forever, as witness my hand this 2nd day of  Janery. ano 1694.
Signed Mary M Hillyard
Teste. Matth. MB Brinson and Thos. Hall
Acknowledged in open Court by Mary Hillyard and ordered to be recorded this 2nd Jany. 1694/5
Princess Anne County, VA (DB1, p. 64)
Newton deed to Morse
George and Francis Newton to Capt. Francis Morse 200 acres called Surry Plantation which I bought of Thomas Griffin, formerly given to Mary Russell late wife of William Hillyard by her brother William Walstone and sold to me 16 Sep 1689 and land formerly belonging to William Basnet and sold to William Shreefs and by will to his wife now wife of Thomas Moore and sold to me 16 Mar 1691 for 200 lbs. sterling and another tract called Piney Island.  Wit: Francis Sayer, Joell Cornick, Malachy Thruston.
Princess Anne, VA Orders and Minutes
To Appraise Hillyard Estate
Court dated 1695
______an Order was granted to Thomas Grandy Adm. Of the Estate of Wm. Hillyard decd. at a Court held yesterday the 5th ____ ____ for the Appraisement of the said Hillyard Estate to be appraised this day by Capt. Thos. Russell, Peter Malborne, Jno Okhorn (sp?) & Tho. Williams.  And Peter Malborne having _____ to attend at Court this day the same is Omitted, It is therefore ordered that the Sherrif summon Lewis ____ & Edward Cooper to meet together with Jn. Okhorn (sp?) & Thomas Williams and appraise the Estate of said Hillyad on Friday the 7th ___ provided they be first Sworn for that purpose.
Princess Anne County, VA (DB1, p. 125)
Administration of Estate of Wm. Hillyard
To all to whom &c., I William Cornick send greetings &c., whereas William Hillyard late of this Colony dying in Barbados & by his will did give & bequeath his estate unto his wife Mary Hillyard and two of her children William Russell & Anne Russell; and appointing Mr. Henry Woodhouse & Mr. Lemuell Phillips exes. In trust of his said will here in Virginia, and they the said Execute. Refusing & declaring in open Court to undertake or pforme the trust reposed in them, and whereas Thomas Grandy who intermaried with the above sd. Mary Hillyard his relect and care of the said estate hath made humbe suite &c., Now know ye that I the said William Cornick by virtue of his Excellcy. Commission bearing date the 7th May 1695, and according to an order of Princess Anne County Court dated 5th June 1695, for the better &c. doe give and grant unto the said Thomas Grandy, in right of his sd. Wife, the administration, &c. and by these presents order & appoint that the sd. Thomas Grandy, shall present &c. and  further that he satisfie & pay &c., and after such debts are paid that the said Thomas Grandy doe bring a just & true accompt. &c, and deliver the same &c.  Given under my hand and seale this 30th day of July Annoq. Dom. 1696.
Signed William Cornick (seal)
Princess Anne County, VA (DB1, p. 105)
Inventory of Wm. Hillyard
Numerous items listed.
Signed Mary M. Grandy
Sworn to be a true Inventory by Mary Grandy now the wife of Thomas Grandy late wido & relict of Wm. Hillyard decd. to the best of her knowledge except some few things she disposed of in the time of her widowhood & if any more come to her s knowledge to give a true acct. of it this 7th Nov 1696
Franklin vs. Russell
January Court 1698/9
Thomas Franklin and Sarah his wife _____ Otho Russell and Mary his wife in an action of cause for words setting forth by their petition that the said Mary Russell about July last in several places and before several of his majesties liege people did utter speak and  ____ many false and scandalous words and ____ ____ greatly to the defaming and scandal of the said Sarah particularly that the said Thomas Franklin coming one night from fishing did catch his servant John Smith in bed with his wife and beat his wife and turned her away and she went to her (?fathers?).    Prayer judgement for twenty pounds Sterling damage with cost the defendant for answer pleadeth that they did not invent nor _____ that repost but heard it from other persons and that the words are not actionable.  The ____ matter being put to a jury who bring in their vedict as followeth.  We the jury find for the plaintiffe and damage five hundred pounds of tobacco Francis Sayor Foreman.
Upon the plaintiffs motion it is ordered that the juries verdict be recorded and judgement is granted upon the same that the said Otho Russell pay the said Thomas Franklin the sum of Five Hundred pounds of Tobacco with cost ___ ex. From which verdict and judgement the said Russell appeals to the fifith ___ of the next General Court which is granted provided he give security according to law.  Capt. Hugh Campbell surety for the said Russell to prosecute and Jacob Johnson surety for the said Franklin to answer.
Evidences vs Russell
John Nellson, Joseph Purvine (sp?) Giles Cowish, Mary Provine, Judith Clark, having attended the Court three days and Judith Woodhouse two days.  Evidences for Otho Russell against Thomas Franklin.  It is ordered that the said Russell pay to each of them for the same according to Law with cost ats. Exc.
Princess Anne County, VA (DB1, p. 408)
Russell & Bell deed to Bodnam
To all people to whom these presents shall come know ye that we Wm. Russell & Willm. Bell both of ye Government of North Carolina planter for ye valuable consideration of thirty pounds sterling to us in hand padi and secured by good causion before the signing & sealing hereof wherewith we acknowledge our selves well satisfied contented & paid doe acknowledge to have alienated bargained sold & delivered unto Thomas Bodnam of ye County of Princess Anne in ye Government of Virga. plantr. one parcel of land containing by estimation two hundred and fifty acres be it more or less the said  lying & being in ye County of Princess Anne & bounded as followeth Southerly one Geo. Morse lands, Easterly Edwd. Cooper & Jno. Woodhouse land Northerly on Willm. Moors land formerly Peter Crashleys & Westerly on Edwd. Cannons & Timothy Dennis land it being a parcel of land ye Mr. Willm. Hillyard bought of Joel Martin & by ye sd Hillyard given to me ye sd William Russell & my sister Ann now ye wife of ye abovesd. Willim. Bell as by ye last will & Testamt. Of ye sd. Hillyard may more at large appeare at being dated ye 28th of June one thousand six hundred ninety four to have & to hold ye abovesaid two hundred and fifty acres of land be it more or less to him ye sd Bodnam his heires Extr. Admes. Or assinges forever with all houses orchard, gardens, waters, & marshes & all other appurtenances profitts and commodities thereunto belonging or by any meanes appertaining to ye same we the sd Wm. Russell & Willm. Bell binding our selves our heires Extr. Admes. & assignes in a general warranty to he ye sd Thomas Bodnam his heires Extr. Admes or assignes shall from time to time and at all times forever hereafter hold possesse & enjoy the abovesaid bargained premises without ye molestation of us ye subscribers hereby declaring that we have good right and lawful authority to signe and seale this present deed of sale.  In Witness whereof we ye subscribers Willm. Russell & Willm. Bell have hereunto set our hands and fixed our seales this 7th day of  7ber in ye year of our Lord 1703
Signed Willm. W. Russell and Will Bell
Witnessed by John Richason and John Meidon (or Meldon)

Princess Anne/Acknowledged in open Court by Wm. Russell ye 5th 8ber 1704 & ordered to be recorded.
I the wife of Willm. Bell have and do by these presents relinquish all right title and interest to ye above specified land according to ye above deed with all appurtances…..

Abstract of the Will of John Bell
Currituck Precinct, April 16, 1706; no probate date
Chowan County Miscellaneous Papers
C. 024.99002
Vol. 1, p. 33

In the Name of God amen...Sixteen Day of Aprill anno Dom 1706...
I John Bell of the Precinct of Corahtuck in North Carolina...
Sick and Weak in body...
I Give and bequeath to Margrett My Dearly beloved wife...all my personal be by her her free will...during her naturall life...except half  to my children hereafter named.
Son William third of estate remaining after wife’s Ewe with all her
Daughter Margrett Russell...the other third Ewe and all her increase.
Desire that if wife should marry, she and her husband should remain “upon my now Dwelling Plantation during her Naturall life” but if she and her husband live somewhere else, she’s only to take with her a third part of his personal estate, the remaining two thirds to be divided between “my two children afore named.”
Executrix: wife Margrett
(Signed) John Bell (seal)
Witnesses: William Parker, Jane (her mark) Wicker, Edwd. Taylor

The will was proved by widow Margrett Bell with the oaths of Mr. Wm. Parker, Mrs. Jane Wicker and Mr. Edwd. Taylor before Jos. Wicker, CC, but no date is given.

Jul 1707
Mrs. Margaret McBride against Wm. Reed, Wm. Bray, and Wm. Russell for assault and insolence which occurred in Pasquotank Precinct.  [NC Higher Court Records,  Vol IV, p. 370]
27 Jul 1708, 6 Sep 1708
William Russell  of Currituck County to William Lurry for 15 pounds, this present indenture;  Witnesses Edwd. Taylor, Joseph Sanderson.  Signed William X Russell  [Deed Book 3, p. 93]
27 Nov 1708, 26 Apr 1709, 16 Jul 1709
Acknowledgement of an assignment by Thomas Ivy to John Jones for 23 pounds.  Witnessed by Wm. Russell, Edwd. Taylor.  Signed Thomas Ivy and Mary X Ivy who relinquished her dower.  [Deed Book 3, p. 95]
10 Jul 1710, 25 Oct 1710
Wm. Reed of Albemarle and wife Christian to John Northern of Charles Parish, York County, VA.  For 5 shillings, 560 acres called Powill's Poynt, a lease for one year and then to be in his actual possession.Witnessed by Thomas Albritten, Wm. X Russell, Richd. Smith.  Signed William Reed and Christian Reed.  [Deed Book 3, p.102]
10 Jul 1711, 10 Jul 1711, 25 Oct 1711
Wm. Russell of Albemarle, precinct of Currituck, and wife Margaret to Richd. Smith for 25 pounds, 300 acres near Powell's Poynt adj. Albermarle Sound, marked trees (N28E320P, E36S157P, S28W320P) Witnessed by James Douge, Thos. Albretton.  Signed William X Russell [Deed Book 3, p. 106]
10 Jul 1711, 10 Jul 1711, 25 Oct 1711
Wm. Russell of Currituck to Thos. Albrittin for ___ all present patent.  Witnessed by Richd. Smith, James Dauge, Obediah X Rick.  Signed William X Russell. [Deed Book 3, p. 107]
24 Jan 1709/10, 17 Jul 1712, 7 Aug 1712
Capt. Richd. Sanderson of Currituck County of Albemarle to William Russell of Currituck for 6 pounds, message of 100 acres bounded by North River, a pine (N39E400ch, S45E6ch, S33W, N45W, up the river).  Witnessed by Thos. Evins, John Pell, Michel ONeel. Signed by Richard Sanderson.  [Deed Book 3, p. 110]
13 Jan 1701/2, 13 Jan 1712/13, 28 Dec 1713
Henry Woodhouse assigns all right, title and interest in within mentioned patent to William Russell for 15 pounds.  Witnessed by Richard Smith, James Carron.  Signed Henry Woodhouse.  [Deed Book 3, p.115]
William Bell appears in a deed in Currituck Precinct, NC (no specifics, appears in list entitled "Persons Mentioned in Currituck Precinct Deeds Prior to 1725")
North Carolina
Know all Men by these present that we Jno. Whitby & John Brd do acknowledge ourselves to ____ & firmly bound unto the  true & absolute Lords Proprietors of this province ___  ____ fifty pounds writ Money to be paid to those ye said Lords Propt. theyre certain Atty. or Asignes to which payments well & truly to be ___ wee bind ourselves and iether of __ our __ either of our ______ and every of them firmly by these presents sealed with our seals & sealed this 12th day of Nov  ___ 1713.
The Condition of this Obligation is such that if ye above bound John Whitby doe and shall well truly ___ upon ye Estate of Thos. Russell decd. and a true Inventory there of  return in to ye Secy. Off. in his just debts prayed and be accoutably for ye same who ___ to required pursuant to ye purpose ____ ____ and ____ of ye Letters of Adm to him Granted show for them this obligation onto be void else to hand and be  ______.
Signed John Whidbe and Jno. Byrd
Sealed and Delivered In ye presence of Gate, T. Knight
1713/4:  Upon Petition of Jno. Whitby shewing that his wife who was the Widdow and Relict of Thos. Russell Decd. Obteyned Orders for Letters of Administration on the Estate of her said former husband in the precinct Court of Curratuck by pretext of which the said Court did Exact Security of his Said Wife in her widdowhood and afterwards of him the said John Whitby Obliging him to returne an Inventory of the Said Russells Estate to that Court of which he having failded the Deputy Marshallof the Said Precinct under pretext of an Order of the aforesaid Precinct Court did break open his  the said Whitbys house and Seized and Carryed away his Household goos as also all his Catle and other things as well of right belonged to him the said Whitby as what was the of the former Estate of the said Russell Contrary to Equity and Good Conscience.  Whereupon it is ordered by this Board that the said John Whitby have Letters of Administration in right of his said Wife on the Aforesaid Thos. Russells Estate and that the said Deputy Marshall of Corratuck precinct doe returne all the Goods, Chatles and Catle that he tooke under pretence of the aforesaid Order to the said John Whitby byhis Owne house with all Convenient Speed as he will Answare the Contrary at his Perrill without any cost of the said Jno. Whitby's either for the Execution of the aforesaid order  of for the Delivery againe of the said Goods or of any proceedings that has been had thereon And that he returne an inventory of the said Estate tot he Secretarys Office pursuant to the purport of his said Letters of Administration and his Security Given thereon.  [Record of Executive Council Minutes, 1713, pp. 43-44]
March 29, 1714
William Russell of Carratuck precinct 431 acres on Cape Hatterass Island, joining ye sound and Col. William Reed /S/ Tho. Pollock, Tho. Boy, N. Chevin, W. Reed, T. Knight   [Province of North Carolina 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hofmann.  Page 57. #632 of Patent Book One]
Nov 1714
William Russell appears on Currituck County Tax and Militia List.  (Wm. Bell and Wm. Reed also appear on this list with numerous others).
Dated 17 Jan 1715, Proven 17 Feb 1715
Will of Samuell Paine, Late of North Carolina..  Mentions "….horse which I bought of William Russell"
[Abstract of Norfolk County Wills, p. 45-46]
William Russell appears on Currituck County Tax and Militia List
May 21, 1716
Then received James Browne three pounds thirteen shillings and six pence by order of John Whedbee it being due for thirty six days servis and a cow and a quarter of beef received pr me.   William Russell
William Russell appears on Currituck County Tax and Militia List
Administration of Estate of Wm. Russell
William Russell,  dead without a will; his widow Sarah Russell Administratrix; Dec. 28, 1717.
[The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, edited by J. R. B. Hathaway in 1900.  Vol. 1, p. 71]
I saw the original of this at the NC State Archives, but it didn't contain any additional information except that it was signed by Edens.  I found no reference to county although it is believed it was from Currituck County, NC....JSR]
Will of William Bell
August 27, 1721; August 31, 1721
Secretary of State Original Wills NC 1663-1789

Mr. Wm: Bell’s Nonqupative Will
Aug’st 27th, 1721
Lres(?) granted
8th Apl 1722(?)
To Benj: Payton
No. Carolina Corrotuck Prec’t
Mr. William Bell Late of this prec’t before he dyed being in good sense & Memory made a Verball will as followeth–
Imprimus  He did give unto his son William Bell one negro man named York and one negro woman named Doll.
Item  that all the rest of his worldly Estate should be equally divided between his Wife and Children and if any of his Children should dye before they come of age then their part to be equally divided between the Rest of the Children.
The above Mr. William Bell Declared this will before us the subscribers August ye 27th 1721
The mark of Thomasin (her mark) Oneal
Mary (her mark) Oneal
The mark of Deborah (her mark) Pell
The mark of Sarah (her mark) Walker
This Verball Will made oath to by the above Evidences August the 31st 1721 before us Tho: Taylor, John Woodhouse
[Transcribed as true to the original as possible by Martha Holland, April 7, 1999.]

William Russell appears on Currituck County Tax and Militia List.
November 1, 1725: William Russell 375 acres in Bath Co. joining joining Lodowick Martin, Ware Creek, the Savanna, John Ingoe, Mr. Davis, Doctor Keelling and William Winlye, which land was formerly surveyed for Richard Batchelor.  Wit:  Richard Everard, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, E. Gale, Thomas Havey, Thomas Pollock, F. Forster.   (from Province of North Carolina 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hofmann. page 317 # 3405 page 208 of Patent Book Nine)  [Note:  When this land was sold by William Russell in 1733 the deed was witnessed by Habakkuk Russell.}
November 10 1725:  William Russell 375 acres in Bath Co. joining Lodowick Martin, Ware Creek, another Gutt Mouth, the Savanna, John Ingoe, Mr. Daws, Doctor Knelling and William Winlye.  Wit:  Richard Everard, E. Moseley, R. Sanderson, E. Gale, Thomas Harvey, Thomas Pollock.  (from Province of North Carolina 1663-1729 Abstracts of Land Patents by Margaret M. Hofmann.  Page 242.  #2659 page 395 of Patent Book Three  (This appears to be a duplicate of the item above.)
Princess Anne County, VA (DB4, p. 89)
Wm. Russell to Thos. Haynes
This Indenture made ye tenth day of December in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred & twenty six in the thirteenth year of the ye reign of our Sovereign Lord Geo. King of great Britain &c.  Between William Russell of North Carolina, son of Willm. Russell ye son in  law of William Hillyard of ye one part & Thomas Haynes of ye Parish of Linhaven in ye County of Princess Ann in Virginia of the other part.  Witnesseth __ of said William Russell for & in consideration of ye sum of thirty five pounds current money to him in hand paid by ye said Thomas Haynes ye receipt whereof he doe hereby acknowledge & of every part of the same doth acquit & discharge ye said Thos. Haynes his heirs exes. & adm. & every ____ hath granted, bargained, sold, released, & confirmed & by ___ presents do grant, bargain, sell, ____, release & confirm unot the aforesaid Thomas Haynes in his actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain & sale to him thereof made for six months by Indenture bearing date the day before the date hereof & by fores of statue for transferring use & into possession & to his heirs & assigns ____ certain ___ or parcel of land situate & lying on the Eastward side of Linhaven River  in Princess Ann County containing one hundred & twenty five acres __ ye same more or less & bound Southwardly on George Moss dams & Eastwardly on George Hancocks & William Keeling land & Northwardly on the land belonging to the orphans of Cason Moors Decd. & Westwardly on John Cannons & William Cotaness (sp?) Land it being a parcel of land that Mr. William Hillyard bought of Joel Martin & by said William Hillyard given to William Russell father of the above said William Russell & ye heirs of his body lawfully  begotten as by the said will it may appear & all the estate right titles & interest thereof where in ye said William  Russell hath any Estate of inheritance in possession roversion remain or expectances & all the right title claim & demand _____ of him ye said Willm. Russell of in or unto ye promises & every or any part thereof to have and to hold ye said one hundred & twenty five acres of Land & all other ___ premises hereoin before mentioned & intended to be hereby granted with ye appurtances unto ye said Thos. Haynes his heirs and assigns forever & ye said William Russell for himself his heirs Exors. & adm. Doth covenant & grant to & with ye said Thos. Haynes his heirs & assinges that he hath ___right & lawful authority to bargain sell & convey ye abovesaid land & appurtances thereunto belonging unto ye said Thomas Haynes his heirs & assigns according __ ye purport & true meaning hereof and ____ __ shall & may be alwful to ___ ye said Thos. Haynes his heirs & assigns at all times forever hereafter peaceably & quietly to have hold possess & injoy ye said land or all other ye premises hereby granted with ye appurtances without any lawful ___ suit trouble or interruption of ___ William Russell his heirs and assigns or any other person or persons forever also that he ye said William Russell & his heirs shall & will at all times hereafter _____ ye space of seven years upon ye reasonable request & at ye proper Costs & charges in the law of ye said Thomas Haynes his heirs or assigns do make & execute or cause to be made & executed all such other & further act & acts conveyances & assignin or ______ the said land & premises with the appurtances unto ye sd. Thomas Haynes.
Sep 1727
Wm. Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC (Carteret County Court Records)
Mar 1727/8
Wm. Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC (Carteret County Court Records)
Oct 1729
Wm. Russell vs. John Rhodes of Bath County Planter.  Russell accuses Rhodes of coming onto his land and cut and tend trees to obtain turpentine.  The land is described as  follows....Plantation and parcel of land lying and being in Carteret precinct containing four hundred and seventy acres (470) more or less.  Bounded northerly by lands formerly in possession of William Stone and southward by the land heretofore Enoch Wards.  Rhodes claims that on Apr 19th, 1720 Peter Johnson seized four hundred and thirty (430) acres being the same as Russell claims as his Four hundred and seventy (470).   The land was then sold to Robert Urie on Mar 5th, 1722, who then leased the land to Rhodes on Mar 30th, 1724 for seven years (or until 1731).  [NC Higher Court Records, Vol VI, p. 610]  [NOTE:  case was continued through 1730, still need Vol V of set to see what, if any, info it contains on resolution of case]
Mar 1732
Joseph Wicker deed to Habakkuk Russell 320 acres lying on Newport Sound in Carteret County, NC  (Carteret County Deeds)
Sep 1732
William Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC  (Carteret County Court Records)
Mar 1733/4
James Winright, John Rickard, William Russell, came into open court and acknowledged each of them a warrant of attorney to Daniel Haynes, Attorney at Law to act generally for them and each of them in North Carolina.  (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Jun 1736
This court appoints David Shepard Jr., Habakkuk Russell, and William Hadnot to be commnissioners in the room of George Cogdell, Cary Godby, and Samuel Noble.  (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Feb 14, 1737
William Reed of the precinct of Pasquotank in County to William Russell 480 acres of land on Boage Sound.  Name of Ash Hammock.  Beginning on West side of a bay that parts the land from Peter Wardens.  Running along the sound west 45 degrees south 160 poles to an old Indian Field thence west 100 poles to a pine thence in the wood north 20 west 320 poles to a pine thence east 20 degrees north 240 poles to a pine thence to the first station which was formerly owned by Thomas Canaday, Esq.   ["H" Book D, page 201]

2 Mar 1736/7, 5 Apr 1737, 6 Apr 1737
Thos Lurry of Currituck, County of Albemarle to Henry Jarvis of Currituck.  35 pounds for 100 acres called Russell's old field near Currituck Narrows bounded by Grandy's Island Creek, Thos Lurry, Thos. Sanderson's dividing line,the head line, branch between Russell's old field and Parker's field, Russell's pasture gut, creek side.  Witnessed by Samuel Williams, Joseph Sanderson.  Signed Thos. Lurry.  [Deed Book 3, p. 44]

5 Jul 1737, 5 Jul 1737, 6 July ___
Mary Russell to Thos. Gray of same place.  90 pounds for 147 acres, a tract of land which Wm. Russell bought of Edward Jelfe containing 447 acres, adj. where Thos. Russell formerly dwelled on the Sound Side, N28E320P, E36S73P, S28W.  Witnessed by Jacob Farrow and Samuel Williams.  Signed Mary X Russell.  [Deed Book 3, p. 61]

Sep 1737
Habakkuk Russell to William Wilkins 320 acres in Carteret County, NC  (Carteret County Deeds)

Mar 1737/8
Cullen Pollock to Habakkuk Russell 360 acres on Bogue Sound  (Carteret County Deeds)

This court hath appointed Mr. Charles Cogdell and Mr. James Yates to be commissioners for the roads on the west side of Newport River to White Oak River in the rooms of Mr. David Shepard and Mr. Habakuk Russell.

5 Jul 1737, 7 Oct 1740, 15 Jan 1740/1
Mary Russell of NC to Thos. Gray of same place.  90 pounds for 147 acres a plantation whereon one Thos. Russell lived, bounded by the Sound Side, N28E320p; E36S23p, S28W.  Witnessed by Saml. Williams, Jacob Farrow.  Signed Mary X Russell  [Deed Book 3, p. 26]

4 Dec 1740/1
Christian Reed to Habakkuk Russell 518 acres on the south side of the Newport River.(Carteret County Deeds)

Dec 1741
William Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC (Carteret County Court Records)

Mar 1741/42
Habakkuk Russell appointed constable for west side of Newport River  (Carteret County Court Records)

10 Nov 1742
Richard Whedbee (Whitby) and Hannah his wife to Hab Russell, 500 acres on North side of Bogue Sound and West side of Goose Creek. (Carteret County Deeds)

Dec 1742
Habakkuk Russell to David Shepard 518 acres on the the south side of Newport River.  (Carteret County Deeds)

Mar 1742/43
William Russell came into open court and made oath that he hath in his family seven white persons. (Carteret County Court Records)

Capt. Cary Godbe, Thomas Cummin, Joseph Smith Sr., Benjamin Weeks, William Russell being fined the last court, hath appeared and made lawful excuse and the fine is remitted.  (Carteret County Court Minutes)

William Russell  appears as Juror in Carteret County , NC (Carteret County Court Minutes)

George Neithercott appointed constable for the south side of Newport River in the room of  Habakkuk Russell and that he be forthwith qualified.  (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Mar 1743/44
William Russell acknowledged deed to Thomas Hicks for 100 acres of land on Bogue Sound. (Carteret County Court Records)

Habakkuk Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Sept 1744
William Russell acknowledged deed to Samuel Chadwick for 430 acres of land on Bogue Sound  (Carteret County Court Records)

Mar 1745/46
Lydia Russel, widow of William Russel, decd. Prayed for Administration on the estate of her husband. (Carteret County Court Records)

Habakkuk Russell to Moses Prescott 250 acres on Bogue Sound.  (Carteret County Deeds)

Sept 1746
Lydia Russell exhibited to court an inventory of the estate of her late husband William Russell  (Carteret County Court Records)

Habakkuk Russell made oath that he hath in his family five white persons.  (Carteret County Court Records)

Dec 1746
William Russell - Sale [no names] 2 pgs 9-19-1746 by Lydia Austin (late widow of Wm. Russell), Probate Dec 3, 1746.

Mar 1747
Whereas execution issued against John Nelson, Planter, at the suit of Thomas Austin and Lydia his wife, for the sum of 58 pounds 15 shillings with costs, and the Sheriff hath executed the goods of the said John and called contraty to law, this court hath ordered that said execution be void, and that another execution issued.  (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Dec 1748
Habakkuk Russell to Valentine Wallis Jr. for 180 acres in Carteret County.  (Carteret County Deeds)

Sep 1749
Habakkuk Russell appinted Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

Jun 1750
Habakkuk Russell to Thomas Townley 100 acres on Bogue Sound.  (Carteret County Deeds)

March 1753
George McKane Esq, made oath that he saw Habakuk Russel sign and seal a deed unto William Prescott for 144 acres of land on Bogue Sound and that he also saw Henry McKane and Joseph Russell Evidence the same and ordered to be registered.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Jun 1753
Joseph Lowell to Habakkuk Russell 100 acres on Bogue Sound.  (Carteret County Deeds).

Jun 1754
Will of Habakkuk Russell of Carteret County, NC.  Mentions wife Ann, sons David and Abraham, daughters Ann Sophie, Rebecca, Sarah, and Abigail.  (Will Records of Carteret County, NC - Secretary of State Papers)

September Court 1756
Upon the prayer of Joseph Russell, it is ordered that he have the caring of his brother Habakuk Russell's cattle, the said Joseph having none of the increase nor be liable for any casual accident.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Dec 1757
Joseph Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

February Court 1762
Benjamin Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC. (Carteret County Court Minutes).

Benjamin Russell came into court and prayed letters of administration on the estate of Joseph Russell, decd, which was granted, he giving security in the sum of three hundred pounds proc money with Thomas Bell and Isaac Roberts securities.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Feb 1763
Benjamin Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

Feb 1764
Benjamin Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

May 1764
Benjamin Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

Sep 1765
Benjamin Russell appears as Juror in Carteret County, NC.  (Carteret County Court Records)

Mar Court 1766
Petition of Sarah Russell, widow of Benjamin Russell, decd, praying for Letters of Administration, continued to next court.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

June Court 1766
Sarah Russell, widow of Benjamin Russell, decd returned into court the inventory of  the estate and prayed for letters testamentary.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

Mar 1767
Sarah Russell prayed and order for letters of administration on the estate of Benjamin Russell, decd.  Widow and relict of said decd.    (Carteret County Court Minutes)

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