Can you help identify any of these children?

Willisville School
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1st grade class c1907
3rd Row from top, 2nd from right is John E. Russell

4th grade class c1911
Bottom Row, 4th from left is John E. Russell

4th & 5th grade classes c1912
Top Row Left to Right:  Carrol Higgerson, Hallie Dean, Lyle Jeremiah, Arthur McDonald, John E. Russell
2nd Row, 2nd from left is Agnes D. Arndt
1st Row, 3rd from left is Arthur Smith and boy 4th from right is believed to be Andrew Lamela

5th grade class c1913
3rd Row, 2nd girl from right is Agnes D. Arndt

Boy 3rd from left in back row if Mark A. Killion.
Willisville School playground
Willisville School yard - 1930s

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