Carteret County
North Carolina
Established 1722

"Old Topsail Rifleman"

A list of the Officers and Privates of the "Old Topsail Rifleman", a military corps recently organized in the town of Beaufort, N.C.
Stephen D. Pool Captain Benj. T. Miller Q.S.
James S. Manney 1st Lieut. Henry Burke 2nd S.
John C. Manson 2nd Lieut. Cicero S. Bell 3rd S.
Will C. King 3rd Lieut. Jos. P. Robinson 4th S.
H. H. Willis Ensign Falco Ravening 5th S.


C. R. Thomas
James C. Davis
Robt. Hancock
S. S. Duffy
Henry Davis
Elijah Longest
J. M. Parsons
Will. Roberson
H. H. Switzer
S. J. Nelson
Jechonias Wallis
J. B. Whitehurst
John F. King
Levi Howland
Elza Garner
Geo. F. Hatsel
James Adair
Jno. E. Chadwick
N. J. Lucraft
Thaoms Brigat
Abram Congleton
Alexander Gibbs
Henry Waters
David W. Morse
Allen Davis Jr.
Christoper Piver
Thomas Parkins
J. M. Perry
Joseph Styron
Samuel Willis
R. W. Chadwick
Mat. Phelps
Geo Gabriel
James Day
W. H. Piver
Jas. Harker
James H. Pool
John Johnson
W. F. Hatsel
Isaac E. Ramsey
Jos. Durling
Jno. M. Pigott
W. B. Duncan
Thos. Marshall
Josephus Willis
S. L. Dill Jr.
Will. Roperson
Thomas Harker
W. F. Piver
Will. Dill
Barney Chadwick
Henry Mason
Manassat (?) Sabiston
David Dill
I hereby certify that I am satisfied that the above list correctly represents the officers & privates duly enrolled of the "Old Topsail Rifleman" and I am satisfied that they send the requisite army and accoutraments given under my hand & seal.
Benj. Lucraft
Col. 17th Reg

[I believe this unit was formed right after President Lincoln's Call for Troops was announced in 1861.JSR]

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