5. (Carl Friedrich) Wilhelm Röwer was born on Nov 9 1797 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe. He died on Dec 14 1886 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He was also known as William Rafert. Death Notice appeared in the Indianapolis Tribune (German Language) on 16 Dec 1886.

He was married to Caroline Eleanore Hoff (daughter of Johann Tèons Hof and Anna Margarethe Drinkuth) on Oct 9 1823 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe. Caroline Eleanore Hoff was born on Jan 5 1799 in Röcke, Schaumburg-Lippe. She died on May 4 1879 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. (Carl Friedrich) Wilhelm Röwer and Caroline Eleanore Hoff had the following children:

child+7 i. (Ernst Heinrich) Wilhelm Röwer.
child8 ii. Wilhelmina Röwer was born about 1826 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe.
child+9 iii. Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Röwer.
child+10 iv. Sophie Caroline Röwer.
child+11 v. Engel Phillipina Christina Röwer.
child+12 vi. Ernst Heinrich Wilhelm Röwer.
child+13 vii. Phillipina Wilhelmine Caroline Röwer.
child14 viii. (Carl) Friedrich Röwer was born on Nov 12 1843 in Meinsen, Schaumburg-Lippe. He died on Sep 8 1907 in Topeka, KS. Although some discrepencies exist, it appears that Carl Friedrich Röwer is the same man as Ferdinand Rafert who served in Company I, 2nd Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War. Ferdinand states in his enlistment papers that he September 12th, 1843 in Indianapolis, IN. The surname Rafert appears to be used only by the two Indianapolis families of Wilhelm Rafert and Henry Rafert.

Ferdinand was 5' 9" tall with blue eyes and light hair and gave his occupation as boatman when he enlisted.. He enlisted in Co I, 2nd Kentucky Infantry on May 9th, 1861 in Cincinnati, OH and was discharged on June 19th, 1864 in Covington, KY. After leaving the service he lived in Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, and Kansas. In April 1898 he was living again in Cincinnati at 116 E. Pearl Street. By 1900 he was living in the Marion Branch, National Home for D.V.S. in Indianapolis and in 1904 he moved to the Wester Branch, National Home for D.V.S. in Topeka, KS.

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