Carteret County
North Carolina
Established 1722

Spanish Attack on the Town of Beaufort, North Carolina

Captain Cogdell, Charles  Private Gibble, Dederick 
Rgt. Clerk Read, George Private Lewis, Peter 
Private Austin, Thomas Sr.  Private Negus, Samuel 
Private Bell, Newell  Private Neithercott, George 
Private Cole, William Private Rees, Daniel 
Private Dennis, William Private Shepard, David 
Private Everett, Daniel 

August 26, 1747 - Men on duty when Beaufort was taken.

Major Ward, Enoch  Private Jones, Ambrose 
Lieutenant Fuller, Edward  Private McDowell, John 
Ensign Cogdell, Richard  Private Merryhew, Timothy 
Ensign Shackleford, John  Private Neithercott, George 
Rgt. Clerk Read, George Private Nelson, Elias 
Sergeant Bell, George  Private Nelson, John 
Sergeant Canaday, Thomas  Private Owen, William 
Sergeant Moriss, Joseph  Private Piver, Peter 
Private Adams, Andrew  Private Polk, Robert 
Private Arthur, John  Private Roberts, William 
Private Austin, Thomas Jr Private Ross, Daniel 
Private Bell, John  Private Shackleford, John 
Private Bell, Newell  Private Shepard, Edward 
Private Bell, Ross  Private Simpson, Cornelius 
Private Bowen, William  Private Simpson, Edward 
Private Canaday, Cornel  Private Simpson, John 
Private Canaday, Richard  Private Simpson, Joshua 
Private Cole, William  Private Thompson, Richard 
Private Davis, Joseph  Private Waldron, Resolve 
Private Fulford, Joseph  Private Ward, Richard 
Private Fulford, Joseph Jr  Private Ward, Valentine 
Private Gabriel, Richard  Private Weeks, Jonas 
Private Gibble, Dederick  Private Welsh, Lewis 
Private Gillikin, Thomas  Private Whitehurst, Samuel
Private Gillikin, Thomas Jr  Private Williamson, John 
Private Guthrie, Benjamin  Private Williamson, Richard 
Private Hancock, Benjamin  Private Williston, John 
Private Hancock, Nathaniel  Private Willistons, Thomas 
Private Howland, Samuel  Private Dennis, William 

September 1st, 1747

Major Ward, Enoch  Private Dennis, William 
Captain Cogdell, Charles  Private Fulford, Joseph Jr 
Ensign Cogdell, Richard  Private Gibble, Dederick 
Rgt Clerk Read, George Private Merryhew, Timothy 
Private Bell, John  Private Neithercott, George 
Private Bell, Newell  Private Pacquinett, Nicholas 
Private Burn, William  Private Rees, Daniel 
Private Cogdell, George  Private Shepard, Edward 
Private Cole, William  Private Thompson, Richard 

September 10th, 1747

Captain Cogdell, Charles  Private  Howland, Samuel 
Lieutenant Fuller, Edward  Private  Jones, Ambrose 
Ensign Cogdell, Richard  Private  Lewis, David 
Rgt. Clerk Read, George Private  Love, Thomas 
Sergeant Canaday, Thomas  Private  McDowell, John 
Sergeant Morris, Joseph  Private  Meders, Jobe 
Sergeant Williston, John  Private  Merryhew, Timothy 
Private Adams, Andrew  Private  Nash, Joshua 
Private Austin, Thomas Sr  Private  Negus, Samuel 
Private Austin, Thomas  Private  Owen, William 
Private Bell, James Jr  Private  Parker, Isaac 
Private Bell, John  Private  Piver, Peter 
Private Bell, Newell  Private  Potts, Robert 
Private Bell, Ross  Private  Quin, Laughlin 
Private Beven, William  Private  Rees, Daniel 
Private Brown, John  Private  Roberts, John 
Private Canaday, Richard  Private  Roberts, William 
Private Catholick, Daniel  Private  Shepard, Edward 
Private Chadwick, Ephraim  Private  Shepard, David 
Private Cogdell, George  Private  Simpson, Cornelius 
Private Cogdell, John  Private  Simpson, Edward 
Private Cole, William  Private  Simpson, Joshua 
Private Davis, Joseph  Private  Small, Benjamin and son 
Private Dennis, William  Private  Taylor, William 
Private Everitt, Daniel  Private  Thompson, Richard 
Private Fulford, Joseph  Private  Ward, Richard 
Private Gabriel, Richard  Private  Ward, Valentine 
Private Gibble, Dederick  Private  Weeks, Jonas 
Private Gillikin, Thomas  Private  Wharton, Maddock 
Private Gillikin, Thomas Jr  Private  Whitehurst, Samuel
Private Guthrie, Benjamin  Private  Williamson, Richard 
Private Hancock, Benjamin  Private  Williston, Thomas 
Private Hancock, Nathaniel  Private  Woodland, James 
Private Hicks, David 

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