Edward Rafert33. Edward Heinrich Rafert was born on 27 Dec 1869 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. He died on 15 Jan 1908 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN.  [Photo Page]

The following was written by Alma Rafert Welp:
"My father was of a quiet nature and was always content. He liked people, but didn't enjoy visiting people. He was a machinist by trade and for many years was in charge of those working on the second floor of the large Diamond Chain Company in downtown Indianapolis. Pop loved his family devotedly and was proud of his six children. He also liked to go fishing. There were times when he would rent a horse drawn surrey to take the family for an outing into the woods. He was highly respected by his workers and by all of us."

"I have many memories of my father. One is of Carl and I running to meet Pop from work. We could go as far as the second alley, but not to Delaware Street. Dad had a leather lunch bucket and Carl and I took turns carrying it. I also remember Dad standing in the front yard at the gatepost watching us play at night. We could use Alabama and Merrill Street as there was no traffic at night, no cars. At night I'd sit on the side of Dad's arm chair while he read the newspaper. When the twins were born upstairs Dad took Carl and me to see them. He was so proud that when we came to the stairs he said I could slide down and then he held Carl and slid him down. We never were allowed to do that. Dad took me to the saloon for a short time after supper while Mom did the dishes. Some of the other kids came too. He would have a glass of beer and talk to his chums. He never stayed long and we'd be back by the time Mom had the dishes done."

"I can remember some serious scoldings we received, but always with an explanation. You had to look Pop in the eye when he was scolding you. My Dad gave me a stern lesson on telling lies after I climbed out on the roof of our porch from upstairs on a rainy day to get our rubber ball out of the gutter. Walt made me go and get it, but our neighbor saw me and came over and told Mom. We were always corrected or spanked by Mom, but this time she told Pop. He was so kind, he got on his knee and made me look him straight in the eye. The he said, you better tell the truth. I did, but I never told on Walt. He then impressed on me how I could have fallen. All my life if I wanted to lie, I could see my Dad's eyes looking straight into mine."

"At age 39 he had an attack of the grippe or flu.... He returned to work too soon and contracted pneumonia. A week later...he died, despite efforts of a doctor and a private nurse who was called in. I well remember our goodbye to our Dad the night before his death. he was well aware of his condition and wanted to see and speak to all six of the children. The twins were not quite two years old. I also remember distinctly the funeral service and Miss Weiss singing 'Harre, meine Seele' (Wait My Soul and Tarry). Each week my mother visited Pop's grave, and that was a long walk. We went with her."

Ed was married to Elizabeth Christina Marie Otto on 7 Feb 1894 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN.

Alma Rafert Welp writes:
Edward Rafert and Elizabeth Otto met at a yearly picnic give by the Lutheran Orphan's home on East Washington Street in Indianapolis. Liz's brother, Carl Otto, was best man at their wedding. For less than a year the lived on Spann Street, but then Ed's mother became seriously ill with liver cancer. The couple moved back to the Rafert Homestead on Merrill Street to care for her. The Raferts had owned the house on Merrill street since the 1850s and Ed and his siblings were born there. After his mother's death, Ed and Liz remained in the house and all of their children were also born there. Years later the home was sold to Eli Lilly Company.

Liz Otto RafertElizabeth Christina Marie Otto was born on 23 Apr 1871 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN. She died on 20 Nov 1945 in Indianapolis, Marion County, IN.

Alma Rafert Welp writes:

"My dear mother, we called her Mom, was the sweetest, most understanding person one could find. She was of a quiet, retiring nature. Everyone loved her. How she raised six children after Pop's death has always been a marvel to all of us. I know she prayed a lot. How well I remember her scrubbing the kitchen floor on her knees; and many times, I know, it wasn't sweat dropping from her face. She never admitted any tears to us children. My dear mother died of a heart ailment. There were many serious sicknesses in our family, but Mom nursed them all. Her sisters teased her by saying 'Liz won't come to see us, but just get sick and Liz will be there to help.' At one of Mom's last attacks...the attacks seemed to come the last four Novembers....I told her 'Mom, we need you yet', she said 'Oh, no, you all have your families now and good partners. Pop and Walt and many others are waiting for me in heaven, and I want to go.' Pastor Zorn made many house calls. He prayed with her and read many comforting Bible readings with her. He said 'She was one of the most wonderful persons he ever knew.'"

Edward Heinrich Rafert and Elizabeth Christina Marie Otto had the following children:

child+71 i. Edna Engel Lisette Rafert.
child+72 ii. Walter Carl Christian Rafert.
child+73 iii. Alma Phillipine Emile Rafert.
child+74 iv. Carl Wilbur Rafert.
child+75 v. Alfred Carl Rafert.
child+76 vi. Wilfred Walter Rafert.

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