Military Organizations
in Colonial North Carolina
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Anson County
Capt. Andrew Pickens Company (1750s)
Capt. Samuel Cobrin's Company  (1750s)
Col. Samuel Spencer's Regimental Returns (1770)
Regimental Officers recommended for Commissions (1770)

Beaufort County
Col. Wm. Brown's Regiment, partial (Prior to 1765)

Bladen County
Officers Commisions (1760s)

Bute County
Col. Thomas Eaton's Regimental Returns (1773)

Carteret County
Spanish Attack on Beaufort, NC (1747)
Capt. Jos. Fulford's Company    *Note (1754)
Capt. Moses Houston's Company    *Note  (1754)
Capt. Wicker Davis's Company (1771)

Chatham County
Capt. Harther's Company (1772)

Chowan County
Col. James Craven's Regimental Officers (1750s)
Capt. James Alston's Company (1754)
Capt. James Farlee's Company (1754)
Capt. Miles Gale's Company (1754)
Capt. Charles King's Company (1754)
Capt. John Lewis' Company (1754)
Capt. John Sumner's Company (1754)
Capt. Edward Vail's Company (1754)
Col. Francis Corbin's Regimental Returns (1760s)

Craven County
Capt. Daniel Simmons Company (1750s)
Capt. Jos. Bryan's Company  (1754)
Capt. Lewis Bryan's Company  (1754)
Capt. John Jules' Company  (1754)
Capt. Abner Neale's Company  (1754)
Capt. Solomon Rew's Company  (1754)
Capt. John Shine Company  (1754)
Capt. Thomas Graves Company  (1754)
Col. Edward Griffith's Regimental Officers  (1755)
Capt. Jos. Bryan's Company  (1755)
Capt. Abner Neale's Company  (1755)
Capt. Arthur Johnston's Company (1757)
Capt. Casson Brinson's Company  (1758)
Capt. Peter Rutgers Company (1758)
Capt. James Shore's Company (1760s)

Cumberland County
Col. James Rutherford's Regimental Returns (1770)

Currituck County
Capt. William Bray's Company  (1748)
Maj. William Shergold's Regiment (1750s)
Officers of the Regiment (1754)
Capt. Jacob Farrow's Company  (1754)
Col. William Shergold's Regimental Officers (1755)
Capt. John Woodhouse's Company (1758)
Capt. John Woodhouse's Company (c1758)
Captains with Company Troop Strength  (1763)
Col. John Woodhouse's Regimental Returns (1771)

Dobbs County
Capt. William Whittfield's Company (1750s)
Capt. John Shearrard's Company (1767)
Col. Richard Caswell's Regimental Officers (1774)

Duplin County
Capt. Frederick Gregg's Company (1754)

Granville County
Col. William Eaton's Regiment  (1754)
Capt. William Hurst's Company (1754)
Capt. John Sallis' Company (1755)
Regimental Officers and Returns (1757)
Captains with Company Troop Strength  (1763)
Company Grade Officers (1763)

Hertford County
Col. John Brown's Regimental Returns (1769)
Col. Benjamin Wynn's Regimental Returns (1772)

Hyde County
Col. Samuel Smith's Regimental Returns (1774)

Johnston County
Commissions for Johnston County (1750s)
Capt. Francis Mackelwain's Company (1754)
Capt. Edward Power's Company (1754)
Capt. Simon Herring's Company (1755)
Company Strength Report  (1763)
Capt. Simon Turner's Company (1760s)
Capt. James Wooten's Company (1770)
Col. Needham Bryan's Regimental Returns (1774)

Martin County
Martin County Militia Recruits and Draftees (1748)

Mecklenburg County
Capt. Adam Alexander's Company (1766)

New Hanover County
Capt. John Ashe's Company - 1748 (1748)
Capt. William Dry's Company - 1748 (1748)
Capt. George Merrick's Company (1752)
Capt. William Mackenzie's Company (1755)

Northampton County
Col. John Dawson's Regimental Officers (1748)
Capt. Samuel Cotton's Company (1750s)
Capt. James Fason's Company (1750s)
Col. John Dawson's Regimental Officers  (1754)
Capt. Henry Dawson's Company (1760s)

Onslow County
Col. John Starkey's Regimental Officers  (1754)
Capt. Thomas Hick's Company  (1754)
Capt. Stephen Lee's Company  (1754)
Capt. John Shackelford's Company (1754)
Capt. Richard Ward's Company (1754)

Orange County
Lt. Col. Josiah Dickson's Regimental Officers (1755)

Pasquotank County
Col. Robert Murden's Regiment (1755)
Capt. Jarvis Jones' Company (1766)

Perquimans County
Lt. Col. John Harvey's Regiment (1754)

Pitt County
Col. John Simpson's Regimental Returns (1773)

Rowan County
Rowan County Officers (1750s)
Ensign James Smith's Men (1763)
Regimental Officers (1766)

Tyrrell County
Capt. Evan Jones Company (1750s)
Capt. John Hardison's Company (1754)
Capt. Samll. Spruill's Company (1754)
Tyrrell County Militia (1758)

Wake County
Col John Hinton's Regimental Returns (1772)
Col. John Hinton's Regimental Returns (1773)

Multiple Counties
State Militia Officers (1767)

Capt. Moses More's Company (1750s)
Regulator Petition

*  These two lists are actually a single document which is undated.  I suspect these are the "Militia Returns 1754 - 1755:  Carteret Foot . . . Capt'n Joseph Fulford (and) Will: Fulford (under command of) Coll. Tho: Lovick."  (State Records, XXII, p. 307). Thanks to Dr. Bob Lewis for citing this reference

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